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Dancing in the Park

No one appreciates going to the park anymore.  I took my radio and went out for a walk.  I found myself at the park dancing and playing around near the fountain.  Of course deserted places are the best to take a few pictures, and it was a little earlier than anyone would be out there.  I got a little wet by the fountain, and the music started me dancing.  Before I knew it, I had peeled off my top and was dancing in just my skirt.  Then the tie to the skirt came loose.  Watch me move in very mysterious ways over at Jezabele FTV , and I’ll give you some dance lessons.

Your Jezebele

Jezebele might have been a great name for me since I’m such a sexual creature.  I love showing off my body when I take off my clothes slowly.  It’s like unwrapping a present for someone, creating suspense along the way.  Then you get to play with the present for them.  My body is like one big toy for you guys, and I get to use it to put on a hot and sexy show.  The show doesn’t stop with my clothes coming off, and I get to find new and creative ways to keep your attention.  See how I did it this time over at Jezabele FTV.


I’m out on my balcony in these sexy summer photos from FTV Girls.  I just hope my poor neighbors aren’t home.  They might get a shock to look out their window and see a naked girl crawling around!  I’m sure the maintenance man would answer my calls a little faster though.  Who knows, I might even be the first apartment he comes to.  My  air conditioning won’t stay out for long.  I had a lot of fun out on my balcony, much more than these pictures show.  There’s a whole bunch of them over at Jezabele FTV if you want to see them.  I’m never afraid to show you the dirty stuff, so enjoy looking around over there.

Jezabele at the Pool

Since there is no lifeguard on duty at our pool, I thought I’d step in with my two flotation devices.  No one is going to drown while they watch me shimmy out of my constricting clothes, and if someone in the pool is shocked, I can always dive in with a lifesaver.  There’s nothing like a naked chick at the pool to get everyone’s attention.  There are hundreds of naughty things I can do at the pool, and these photos are only a small sample.  If you want to see what other sexy mischief I can get into, head over to Jezabele FTV and look at the rest of my sexy photos.  Then you can go to the pool and find you some sexy women.

Sandy Set

I had a lot of fun playing around on this sandy set.  I really like all the white colors and how sexy it made my tanned skin look.  You’ll have to go check it out at  Jezabele FTV if you want to see the whole thing.


I really have a fetish for getting naked in public, and this area was so interesting and colorful that I couldn’t resist.  I hope you like the cute little tease below.  If you want complete gratification, see all the photos I took here at Jezabele FTV.